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For all your employee benefit administration and management needs, contact UMR of Wausau, WI. Our services include administration of medical, dental, vision, and disability. We also offer administration for retiree carves-out, Taft-Harley plans, and municipal sector business. To make this a true one-stop business, we offer a variety of in-house products to help our clients manage their benefit plans and control their cost.

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Learn More About UMR:

  • Medical administration
  • Care management
  • Pharmacy benefits
  • Stop loss
  • Dental administration
  • Disability and life administration
  • FMLA administration
  • COBRA administration
  • HIPAA administration
  • Consumer-driven health plans  

Our offices are located across the country with regional service centers in:
Rockford, Illinois, Des Moines, Iowa, Tampa, Florida, Lexington, Kentucky, Cincinnati and Dayton, Ohio, Duncan and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, San Antonio and Dallas, Texas, Bothell, Washington, Green Bay, Onalaska, and Wausau, Wisconsin.

Contact UMR today at 800-436-3200, or visit www.umr.com for more information.
You can also contact us at 877-233-1800.

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